Free Data Service for ReadyMap and osgEarth Developers is a free global base map data for ReadyMap and osgEarth developers! This tiled, worldwide dataset of imagery, elevation, and street map data is a great base map that provides global context for your own local datasets. It works "out of the box" with osgEarth applications.

How to Access

The osgEarth 2.x distribution comes with a sample file called This earth file points to the three data layers detailed on the right. It is also set up for caching. ReadyMap WebGL users can view the source of the examples to see how to access the server. The map on the right shows a preview of the data.

Not all areas are pre-tiled to the highest resolution. If you need higher resolution data for a particular area, let us know (on the osgEarth forum or on the ReadyMap forum) and we will generate it if possible. All we ask is that you share your name, organization, and a little about your project. This information will help us to better understand the user base and improve our products in the future.

Terms and Conditions

Please help us keep free by honoring the following terms.

  1. This service is available for osgEarth or ReadyMap development and demonstration use only. Use in a production system is prohibited.
  2. You may only use an osgEarth- or ReadyMap-based application to access this service.
  3. You may not redistribute, sell, or otherwise attempt to profit from the data in any way. All the data is derived from freely available sources, but we have put a great deal of effort into preparing it for cloud-based deployment.
  4. Bulk downloads of the data by any means are prohibited. We will block any IPs detected doing bulk downloads.
  5. Enable caching in your osgEarth client. Not only will this speed up your application and allow you to run off-line, but it also reduces the load on the servers (and our hosting costs).
  6. We make no warranty with respect to uptime, availability, data quality, data accuracy, or anything else. Use at your own risk.
  7. We reserve the right to deny service to anyone, any time, for any reason. Please help us by honoring these terms and not abusing the service.
  8. Source data for this service is listed elsewhere on this page. It is your responsibility to be aware of and to comply with their terms and conditions.

Bigger map

About the Data

Globe SDK for JavaScript/WebGL

Globe SDK for C++

Professional Support

Pelican Mapping offers professional consulting for osgEarth and ReadyMap users. Contact us for:

  • osgEarth or OpenSceneGraph development
  • Data preparation or hosting services
  • Using ReadyMap® in a production environment
  • Deploying your own ReadyMap® server